What’s New vSphere 6 vBrownBag

I presented a What’s New in vSphere 6 presentation on last week’s US vBrownBag podcast.
Below is a copy of the recording and deck for those interested.

  • fbifido

    on the 4th Slide, the numbers don’t add up,
    1) Host per Cluster = 2x improvement (from 32 to 64)
    2) VM per Host = 2x improvement (from 512 to 1024)
    but if you can have 512 VM per host and have 32 host, then you should have (512×32=) 16,384 VM, yes ?
    so if you have 4000 VM per 32 host, then that’s (4000/32=) 125 VM per host, yes ?
    unless this figure per host meant: 1 host only with 4TB RAM and 512 VM each having 6GB RAM/1vCPU
    3) VM per Cluster = 1.5x improvement (why ???????) if 1 & 2 are true, then this should have been a 2x improvement.